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Chapter 8: The Kid

“We are on our way to the motel, a little bit stuck in traffic though.”

Scarface Montana said that to the Iceberg on the other end of the phone call before he hung up, trying so hard to find a way out of the traffic. Mobsters have this kind of loyalty to each other, Montana for instance has been brought into the world of the Russian Mafia when his best friend Boris introduced him to Gorbachov, something that Montana would remain thankful for and something that made him aim fully at avenging his slightly wounded best friend. The loyalty that this guy had for Boris was unquestionable and he was ready to die for avenging him. He started blowing the horn convincing himself that this would give him the chance to skip the traffic, but he was still left stuck there regardless of whatever he tried to do.

At the same time, Frank Benedict woke up in the middle of the room Tanya have paid for the night before but with no sign of her anywhere around. His intimate night with the Mafioso’s girlfriend left him aroused for life and there was nothing else he could remember from the night before. Lots of used drug shots were lying around giving a valid explanation to the memory loss he has woken up with.

Benedict stood to his feet, feeling a little bit of dizziness and too much of a headache and walked in the direction of the washroom like a drunk hitting everything in the way with his entire body. He opened the door to the washroom and again with no sign of Tanya. He spent the next half hour between washing his face and gazing at his eye balls that seemed more like two blood bags in the mirror above the sink.

He then sat down on the bed and tried to remember the details of the night before and his head was in a total blackout. He could almost swear that Tanya didn’t leave while he was awake, but again he had some doubts to his competence to remember and to swear. The dizziness was already fading away but the headache was getting more intense and that got him to decide to go out for a walk in open air thinking it may help him somehow both lose the headache and remember any details about the night before.

Right before he walked out he noticed a note on the coffee table.

“I have gone back to the mansion, leave before they find you, I am sure they will. And yeah, it was a good night, but I have had better.”

It was not so hard for Benedict to figure out what has happened.

“That Bitch,” he said angrily.

Benedict started getting a partial understanding of Tanya’s actions. For some reason the whore has set him up. She helped him run away and then went back to inform the Russians of his whereabouts yet leaving a warning behind.

“What would her reasons be?”

Frank kept thinking of that as he checked out of the room. The reason was quite unclear to him. If she was setting him up, why would she warn him?

As he crossed the road after he left the motel, he saw a black SUV parking right in front of the door to the motel and out of it stepped Montana. Benedict started running in the direction of the highway and he was fortunate enough to have a truck stop and pick him up.

The driver asked, “Where are you heading to?”

Benedict replied, “Wherever it is that you are heading to.”

“Well, hop in,”

The man driving the pickup looked quite old; some how Benedict was able to figure out that the man has surpassed sixty, maybe even sixty-five. As he drove his pickup, the man kept giving Benedict side looks every once in a while waiting for him to initiate a conversation but the latter was still consumed with his attempts at the analysis of Tanya’s reasons for suddenly vanishing.

Benedict’s mind was about to explode, the headache couldn’t get worse and he knew not where he was supposed to go. He knows shooting Boris wasn’t the best choice to make and he wished he could figure out Tanya’s motives. Why would she set him up if they already had him there the night before? And if there was a valid explanation why would she warn him and ask him to leave?

By the time the truck was driving through Queens Benedict was getting it all fixed in his head. For some reason she had to help him escape and then tell of his location. And she had to warn him out of fear that he would tell the mob that it was originally her plan to help him escape.

The truck made its final stop in Queens somewhere close to a place that Benedict was pretty familiar with. The stop made Benedict start thinking it was more of a sign. In the meanwhile Montana has just arrived at Gorbachov’s mansion and was informing the huge Iceberg of his failure to get hold of Benedict.

“The boss is not gonna forgive us if this guy gets away. And remember he shot one of us, something that he should pay for,” said the Iceberg

“I know; how is he doing now?”

“His layers of fat helped him escape death, but still that Benedict son of a bitch got the courage to shoot our man. He shouldn't get away with that.”

With a look of anger Montana said, “Not while I am still alive.”

At the same moment Gorbachov was inside the mansion listening to what Tanya had to say. Tanya seemed to have a great effect on Gorbachov. Her face was covered in tears as she narrated the previous night’s incident to the Mafia boss and apparently the man held her in his arms with absolute tenderness as he listened to her story. Looking at Gorbachov at that moment would only fill you with respect for the man’s personality. Somehow he was a mafia boss, a criminal and yet he was able to leave that behind as he dealt with the people he cared for. After she was done with her story he kissed her and then tapped on her back as he said, “I promise you that rat is gonna pay for his actions.”

“I want him dead, how dare he does this to me knowing I am with you?”

The bitch seemed to put a great act, the tears, the nervous breakdown, and the anger, everything made her seem totally honest about what happened. She knew how to make the man believe her lies…

“He will be dead only after he has paid his debts, I want him to lose everything, one after the other until it is his life that gets the hit.”

While all this was planned for Benedict he was standing at the door of a house in Queens hesitant to ring its doorbell.

“Well, I gotta take a chance at the outcomes,” he said to himself.

He rang the doorbell and waited for a couple of minutes. As the door opened he said, “Hey kiddo, I missed you.”

And behind the door stood a young boy shouting, “Mummy, Daddy is here.”

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